Tree Information

There have been many tree removal individuals/firms giving quotes to neighborhood residents that are claiming that a tree species, Quercus hemisphaerica (laurel oak), is protected as a City Heritage Tree and telling residents that they CAN’T take down the tree.
Q. hemisphaerica is NOT protected, but another tree species, Quercus laurifolia (common name also laurel oak) IS protected.

We only have Q. hemisphaerica in the neighborhood. They are the large, tall, straight oak trees that have a gray-ish bark and yellow/brown leaves. Many that are older (>40-50 years) SHOULD be removed as the inner bark rots and the shallow root system fails and they fall over during/after large storms and can casue severe property damage.

If you have heard of anyone with tree questions or these type of issues, please direct them to me. I will be happy to help 🙂