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The North Hill Historical District lies just north of downtown Pensacola, running north from Wright Street to Blount Street, and from the East side of Palafox westward to A Street. (see District Map). To tour the district, select a street. Streets are listed from east to west and from north to south. As the Virtual Tour is a work in progress, not all links are active at this time. Be sure to check back to this site as more addresses are added.

North/South Streets (listed from east to west)

East/West Streets (listed from north to south)

  • Blount Street
  • Lee Street
  • Lloyd Street
  • Brainerd Street
  • Gonzalez Street
  • De Soto Street
  • Strong Street
  • Cervantes Street
  • Gadsden Street
  • Jackson Street
  • LaRua Street
  • Belmont Street
  • Wright Street