Springtime Clean-Up of Alabama Square –

Thanks to all the volunteers who came out on Saturday, March 26th and worked so hard to weed, mulch, trim, edge and blow off the courtyard and sidewalks! You did an outstanding job of making Alabama Square a beautifully maintained outdoor gathering space that we can all enjoy! Special thanks to Todd Clark, who organized and led the clean-up; our volunteers: Tom Clark, Lisa Mead, Lee Hansen, Mario Wilhelm, Elly Fisher, Sydney Fisher, Henry Fisher, Brian Webster, Max Webster, Tim Richardson, Rita Richardson, Pam Sykes, Mick Novota, Corinne Lojo, Christy Haytack, Mike Haytack, Megan Haytack, Whitney Baker, Sarah O’Neil, Bianca Villegas, and Jo MacDonald; and Jenny Culpepper and Melanie Nichols for refreshments for the crew.

You don’t have to wait until an organized clean-up event to help keep Alabama Square looking its best. Bring a bag anytime to the park and pull a few weeds while the kids play. Play a game with the kids and see how many sticks, twigs, and small branches they can gather and take to the curb. It takes a village to keep our parks looking great and we appreciate all that you do to help!

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