Since its organization in 1972, the North Hill Preservation Association has made significant contributions not only to North Hill District but to Pensacola as well.  Among NHPA’s accomplishments:
1973 The City Council approved the proposed boundaries of the North Hill Preservation District.  The first issue of the NHPA Newsletter was published.
1974 Rafford Hall was saved from demolition. (Later listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this 1890 building was destroyed by fire in the 1980’s.) Movement for the eventual development of Fort George Memorial Park was initiated.
1975 An award was granted for the exterior renovation of Rafford Hall from the Bicentennial Commission of the State of Florida.  The first house tour was held.
1976 Appropriation was received for improvements to Alabama Square.  The North Hill tree ordinance was enacted.  A house tour was organized.
1977 Distinctive street markers were purchased with Community Block Grant funds.  Fort George Memorial Park was dedicated.  The third house tour was held.
1978 A plaque program was initiated for older or historically significant houses in the District.
1980 Application for listing on the National Register of Historic Places was filed.
1981 The North Hill Cookbook was published as a contribution to the Galvez Celebration.  The gazebo from Seville Square was acquired for Alabama Square.  A house tour was organized.
1982 The gazebo was restored.  The first North Hill Neighborhood Directory was published.
1983 Listing on the National Register of Historic Places was approved.  The second edition of the North Hill Cookbook was published.  Alabama Square landscaping and improvements project was begun.
1984 Refurbishment of Alabama Square continued  Crape myrtle planting was begun as a unification project for North Hill.  The house plaque program was reinstituted.  The second North Hill Neighborhood directory was published
1986 The Neighborhood Watch Program was begun for part of the District.
1989 The Third Neighborhood Directory was published.  Jazz Festival was held in Alabama Square.
1994 The Fourth Neighborhood Directory was published.
1995 Alabama Square improvement project was begun.
1996 New playground equipment was installed in Alabama Square.  The first Tour of Homes since 1981 was organized.
1997 The 1997 Tour of Homes was organized.  The fifth Neighborhood Directory was published.  The 25th Anniversary of the NHPA was celebrated at the Founders Day Party.
2000 The sixth Neighborhood Directory was published on the Internet, www.historicnorthhill.com. The seventh Tour of Homes was held featuring homes all over 100 years in age.
2001 The eighth Tour of Homes was held.
2002 North Hill receives Forestry Grant to inventory neighborhood trees to plan for replacements to our aging urban tree canopy. First ever Masquerade Ball is held to raise money to purchase historic street lamps for the District. City approves funding to begin uncovering historic brick streets. First Christmas Tour of Homes is held.
2003 The ninth Spring Tour of Homes is held. “This Old House” Magazine visits North Hill to cover the momentous “roof raising” of the Jones’ home at 611 N. Barcelona Street that had been damaged by fire. First Wine Tasting is held at 1125 N. Spring Street to raise money for the Historic Streetlight Project.
2004 First phase of Historic Streetlight Project is complete. Hurricane Ivan strikes Pensacola. St. Michael’s Convent at 18 W. Jackson Street is destroyed by fire.
2005 Home at 52 W. Gonzalez St. used as location for motion picture. Hurricane Dennis strikes Pensacola. New playground equipment installed, and benches purchased for area parks. NHPA awarded grant to replace 350 trees destroyed by Hurricanes. Second Wine Tasting is held. Cervantes Street Bridge rebuilt.
2006 Fundraising continues for improvements to all North Hill Parks.  The Tenth Spring Tour of Homes is held.  The Third Annual Wine Tasting Event is held in the historic garden of Daniel and Belinda Mahon at 315 West Lee Street.  NHPA gives over 150 trees away to residents to help replant the tree canopy lost due to hurricanes.  NHPA saves the neighborhood from a 20 percent property tax increase by defeating the DIB’s proposal to annex sections of the residential neighborhood into their commercial taxing district.
2007 North Hill continues to make great strides with the Urban Forestry Project with the planting of 558 new trees in the District. NHPA receives a grant from the Pensacola Community Improvement Program (PCIP) and matches the funding for the Neighborhood Entry Signage/Banner Project. The Fourth Annual Wine Tasting Event is held in the garden of Dr.’s Kevin & Pashia Groom, 304 West Gadsden Street as a fundraiser for neighborhood beautification projects.
2008 The doors to the historic and legendary Hopkins House were thrown open in April to showcase the newly renovated home of the Gordon family.  Over 1500 people were welcomed back to Hopkins House and were served the famous recipe fried chicken and fixins’.  In December, the 2008 Historic North Hill Christmas Tour featured a record eight homes with a Christmas Marketplace, choral entertainment and amazing attendance. NHPA was successful in defeating two attempts to degrade the residential neighborhood. We defeated Gulf Power’s attempt to put 86-foot high, high-voltage power lines through residential portions of the neighborhood on Devilliers & Moreno Streets, and defeated a rezoning attempt for 9 West Desoto from residential to commercial zoning which would have allowed incompatible commercial intrusion into the residential neighborhood.


2009 – NHPA partners with Celebrate Pensacola and, as part of the festivities, welcomed the King and Queen of Spain during their visit to Pensacola for our 450th Anniversary including a visit to the North Hill District to lay a wreath in the Fort George Park at the bust of the Spanish military leader, Bernardo de Galvez.  On May 9th, a reenactment of the Battle of Pensacola took place in Fort George commemorating the 1781 Revolutionary War Battle that resulted in the British surrender of Florida. Researcher, Larry James, conducts studies surveying the battlefield sites that lie within the boundaries of the North Hill District.  North Hill begins Cinema on the Green, outdoor movie events held in Alabama Square Park.  North Hill publishes an updated Directory of the District.


2010 – NHPA hosts the Fifth Annual Wine Tasting fundraiser at 300 West Gonzalez Street, the home of Brooks & Nicole Endacott, raising money to fund the replacement of aged playground equipment in Alabama Square Park.  NHPA works with the City of Pensacola to stop the influx of large, unsightly AT&T utility cabinets installed in the City’s right-of-ways without adjacent property owner notification and without going through the required Architectural Review Board process which is required for all right-of-way installations.  NHPA was successful in preventing additional infiltration and in seeing the City’s ordinances enhanced to prevent further utility company abuse.  Street banners installed around the perimeter of the North Hill District to designate the North Hill Preservation District.


2011 – NHPA partners with the University of West Florida, West Florida Preservation, and the Florida Public Archaeology Network to sponsor “Yo Solo: A Visit with Don Bernardo de Galvez” at the Saenger Theatre on May 6th. Professional actor, Chaz Mena, took the audience back in time to tell Galvez’s story of the 1781 Spanish capture of Pensacola from the British, which marked a pivotal turning point in the American Revolution.


2012 – NHPA sponsors its third Christmas Tour of Homes, featuring tours of historic homes, and two Christmas Marketplaces.  Featured addresses were: 110 West Strong Street, 821 North Barcelona Street, 114 West Desoto Street, 1023 North Spring Street, 254 West Gonzalez Street, 1121 North Barcelona Street, and 411 West Brainerd Street.


2013 – NHPA revamps the website of the association to include links to all social media sites of the Association to continue to bring information about preservation to our members and the community.  North Hill continues its legacy of producing quality community gathering events for the District with a Spring and Fall Festival, Halloween Hayride, Neighborhood Christmas Party, Luminary Night, and six Cinema on the Green events in Alabama Square.


2014 – NHPA presents the Joyce Turner Award for Historic Preservation to 1218 N. Barcelona Street (Stephanie Kress & Jamie White); and 24 E. Brainerd Street (Rob & Natasha Williams); and the Edwin Hacker Award to 119 W. Lloyd Street (Ed & Vicky Wonders). Residents defeat the State of Florida’s plans to install a new regional Probation & Parole Center serving two counties in the Historic Coca-Cola Building at 1625 North Palafox Street, adjacent to single family residential zoning, and near churches, daycares, playgrounds, and Pensacola High School. NHPA sponsors several events for the community: Energy Efficiency Workshop, five Cinema on the Green Events, Spring & Fall neighborhood picnics, Easter Egg Hunt, Newcomers Social, two Yoga in the Park events, Halloween Hayride, Neighborhood-wide Yard Sale, Founders Day Celebration, Giving Tree in the Park to sponsor homeless children at the Loaves and Fishes Family Shelter and animals at the Junior Humane Society, Christmas Party, and Luminary Night throughout the neighborhood on Christmas Eve. NHPA sponsors and builds Little Free Library for Alabama Square and replaces all the North Hill banners along our entry streets.


2015 – NHPA presents the Joyce Turner Award for Historic Preservation to 317 W. DeSoto Street (Peter & Ellen Schoor); and the Edwin Hacker Award to 301 W. Gonzalez Street (Ken Mitchell.  NHPA works with the City of Pensacola to revamp the zoning ordinances prohibiting Probation and Parole Centers to only the Industrial Zoning Districts in order to protect all other neighborhoods throughout the City. North Hill continues its legacy of producing quality community gathering events for the District: Newcomers Social, Spring and Fall Neighborhood Picnics, the debut of a new Pet Parade and Picnic, Founders Day Celebration, Gardening Day Event in Alabama Square to refurbish the planting beds, Neighborhood-wide Yard Sale, four Cinema on the Green Events, Neighborhood Christmas Party, and Luminary Night in Alabama Square. Bill McBride forms the North Hill Chess Club which meets monthly; and Go-Retro Tours adds a new North Hill Trolley Tour.


2016 – NHPA presents the Joyce Turner Award for Historic Preservation to 519 N. Palafox Street (Tag Purvis, Owner of FMC Management); and the Edwin Hacker Award to 150 W. DeSoto Street (Caroline & Stanley McGill). NHPA receives $2,000 grant from Enterprise Holdings for park benches installed in the Historic AME Zion and Magnolia Cemeteries on ‘A’ Street.  NHPA hosts the “Fall in Love with North Hill” Tour of Historic Homes.

2017 –  NHPA presents the Joyce Turner Award for Historic Preservation to 105 W. Jackson Street (Belinda & Andrew Russell); and the Edwin Hacker Award to 1308 N. Barcelona Street (Bessann & Gary Watson).

2018 – NHPA presents the Joyce Turner Award for Historic Preservation to 222 W. LaRua Street (Elly & Scott Fisher); and the Edwin Hacker Award to 317 W. Gadsden Street (Stephen Stojcich).  North Hill is featured on a PBS television show, “History in Our Own Backyards”.

2019 – NHPA presents the Joyce Turner Award for Historic Preservation to 903 N. Spring Street (Rhonda & Daryl Brach); and the Edwin Hacker Award to 475 W. Blount Street (Maureen & Paul Babikow).  NHPA sponsors a room ‘refresh’ at the Loaves and Fishes Family Shelter, sponsored a Slow Ride Bike Event in North Hill with afterparty, and received a $2,500 grant from Enterprise Foundation for Alabama Square Park improvements and used it to purchase an Expression Swing which allows parents to swing with their babies and toddlers.

2020 – NHPA ‘adopts’ Alabama Square through the Keep Pensacola Beautiful Program and forms a neighborhood committee of volunteers who help keep the neighborhood litter-free. NHPA replaces all the street banners and Neighborhood Watch Signs. NHPA launches the “Walking Tour Map of North Hill” an online, self-guided tour of the historic homes of North Hill.

2021- NHPA installs an historic style iron and wood picnic table in Alabama Square to match the classic style of all our park amenities purchased by the Association. NHPA sponsors a room ‘refresh’ at the Loaves and Fishes Family Shelter; and sponsored several community gathering events such as the Gonzalez Shareway Bicycle Tour, AlaBANDa Night (live-music) in Alabama Square, Christmas Party, Luminary Night, and Toy Drive.