Pensacola Police Department Shares Safety Tips with North Hill

1. Crimes of Opportunity are the number one crime in residential neighborhoods. LOCK YOUR CARS,  HOMES, and garages/storage buildings. Thieves will go quickly through areas at night looking for unlocked cars. Let’s all frustrate them with locked cars so they will know that our neighborhood is a waste of time and move elsewhere. Help the Police help you. Make sure that you record the serial numbers of expensive items in your home inventory and take pictures of jewelry etc. It helps in the recovery process and getting these items back to you if they are stolen and taken to a pawn shop.

2. Practice “Target Hardening”. Review your home security. Find your weak areas and harden them. Make sure you are using those security features that you already possess (deadbolts, home security systems, car alarms). Look at what needs to be improved (visibility from the street, make sure your bushes aren’t so high that neighbors can not see if someone is outside your house, use your exterior lights on your porches, motion lighting, timers on lights when away, etc.)

4. Be SMART about who you hire to perform work at your home. Get their names, look them up on-line to make sure you aren’t giving people with criminal histories of burglary (or worse) access to your home and family. Some helpful sites for research:  (Escambia County Clerk of Court) and  (Escambia County Sheriff’s Offices Public Records) (Track crime incidents and registered predators in your area/register for e-mail reports)

THE MOST IMPORTANT TIP: Look out for your neighbors. Neighborhood Watch is not a small group of patrol shifts, but an ENTIRE NEIGHBORHOOD being on the look out every trip we make from our homes, to school, to work, to exercise, to shop, etc. Every single time you leave your home, LOOK AROUND, notice anything that is unusual or suspicious and REPORT IT. Don’t hesitate to call the non-emergency number at 850-435-1845 Program it into your cell phones and home phones NOW. If you think you should call….CALL. Help the Police help us, and keep our community safe.